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Open Sesame

I’ve noticed that a lot of you folks that support my music are artists, entrepreneurs or just plain old tenacious people. Today I encourage you with this: for as long as I’ve been on this journey, I’ve seen so many “fallen soldiers” abandon their crafts for a simpler, more secure, clearer path. That might be where the good Lord is leading some of you, but for those of you who are just 'le tired' or at a crossroads or even if you’re soaring in your endeavors right now, lemme just remind you that there is very little serendipity in the entertainment industry (or any industry for that matter). I do not stand in front of proverbial doors and wave them open with sheer will or beauty or freakin happy thoughts. I use my voice, my two feet, countless whole-hearted efforts and great patience to lead me into places where I know I can make moves. And THEN watch... open sesame. Love the work and it’ll love you right on back!