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Half Way There

Hello Summer. Some of my favorite memories as a child revolve around weeks and weeks of adventuring around town with my brother during the summer months. My one grandma put us on the bus and sent us to science camp at Lawrence Hall, and the other granny wouldn’t let us back in the house til dinner was ready. We had the sweetest times at the pool every Tuesday when we would get to day-camps. And then of course stay away camps in the Santa Cruz mountains.

As an adult my summers are way less transient but I still love that I get to look at the calendar and say “Holy CRAP. It’s almost Christmas.” and then go play outside for 3 months before dealing with it. Get off yo phone and pause them Flix. Play. Paint. Swim. Hike. Read. Rest. Run. Picnic. Wear SPF cause the sun and essential oils cause the bugs. LIVE. This world can be bleak and it’s a tough time for many, so if you have the space and resources to make the most of your moments, please do so. Before you know it, it’ll be time to come inside again.