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Portrait by Ryan Darcy 2019

Born and raised in the Bay Area, my early exposure to classical choral settings and contemporary gospel music developed a love for all types of genres and creative spaces. Over time I’ve grown confident in my truth that the music I'm making isn't entirely informed by my background, history or my uniquely personal experiences. There are universal human experiences and love experiences and topics of relational and familial heartaches that I feel need to be explored in song. My live show creates an atmosphere of genuine audience connectivity and sensational vocal performance, accompanied by musicianship that nods to an alternate era.

Over the last several years I have authenticated a local and global brand with genre-bending material, national brand partnerships, community connection, and exceptional live performances. Twenty-twenty plans include a series of West Coast shows and the continued development of content for Mama Haze in the form of audio, video, streaming and live performance. I'm eager to create more music supported by sincere lyrics set to soulful instrumentation.


Anytime you listen to my music or step into one of my shows, I want you to feel a sensation of inclusivity, feminine pride, and heartfelt empowerment. If you'd like to get involved and learn more about supporting my music, please visit my Patreon Campaign. For licensing inquiries, please contact Zync Powered by Roundhill Music.

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